I just want to write, perform and be accepted for who I am :)

I do love the effects on instagram. Just highlights and intencifies the beauty of nature. Even without messing with the effects the sky was beautiful tonight. #nature #sunset



Why did Barty Crouch Jr. quit drinking?

Because it was making him Moody.


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Trapped Inside Fantasy (Original Song)

I love music. True music written and created through understanding and passion. Not greed and ignorance. #boniver #music #itunes

Its strange how a lovely, kind and beautiful gesture can put you in a fucking awful mood to the point you need to escape your own mind.

I wish my heart didnt skip for you.
I wish my heart didnt yurn for you.
I wish my heart didnt ache for you.
I wish my heart didnt beat for you.

…And sometimes…

I wish my heart didnt beat at all.

Skyped izaak and he was ignoring me. #rude #unloved #gta #gamemode #focussed


small things to do that make your mind feel clearer

  • close all your internet tabs except the one you’re using
  • delete all your text messages
  • delete negative people from social networks
  • throw some things away. just throw them away
  • tidy your desk. make a blank surface
  • drink 3 glasses of water
  • open the curtains
  • wash your face and brush your teeth

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